What is a Master Locksmith?

Who is a Master Locksmith?

For some people, locksmiths are the guys that break or pick locks. But it’s a profession that requires a lot of hard work to master, from mental to physical skills. Locksmithing is a trade skill that has been around for over 4000 years, and it just got where it is right now with constant researching, learning and adaptations. But what makes a true master locksmith?

A locksmith isn’t just the guy that picks locks, but they must be masters at it. A good locksmith  understand how every mechanism works, which means they can efficiently pick a lock without damaging it. Keep in mind, though, that a good locksmith will never pick a lock if it doesn’t belong to you or something you don’t have the proper permission from the owner to open. Since a locksmith has the knowledge about devices to know how every little detail works, they are masters at putting them together as well as dismantling them. That makes it so a good locksmith can also be your best bet when it comes to security solutions. They always need to be one step ahead of the people that want to harm you or your property.

There are several qualities a person must have to become a master locksmith. It is not just waking up one day and saying “I’m going to be a master locksmith now”. It takes several years of studies, research and practice. It takes knowledge in math, mechanics, physics and even some skills like a sharp eye for details, patience and being able to work with tiny measures that demand incredible accuracy.  A locksmith must also work on his interpersonal skills, as he is an important member of a community and should be regarded with trust and respect.

There are several ways to become a locksmith, from 6 months to 4 years courses. But to become a master locksmith, that is just the beginning. To master the locksmith trade skill, not only you must master the basics of how to use the proper tools or how to dismantle every device and how they work, but you must also keep yourself up to date with the newest technologies. The world moves faster and faster and new technologies keep being pumped out. And when a new security measure comes out, you can bet there will be someone with bad intentions thinking of ways to crack them. A master locksmith’s job is to think ahead and come up with new ways to try to stop those people, as well as coming up with solutions when they crack another system.

Locksmiths nowadays aren’t just about old locks and padlocks. A master locksmith should be a well-rounded professional, who knows both about the roots of his profession but also about what is new. That includes biometric scan systems, key card, voice recognition and much more. The road to becoming a master locksmith may not be short, but it is a very interesting one. A master locksmith is constantly learning and reinventing himself, while doing his job of keeping people safe.

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