The #1 Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing a Locksmith

The #1 Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing a Locksmith


Imagine it’s 6pm and you’ve just arrived home after a longer-than-usual day at work. It’s raining and you’re stuck fumbling outside looking for your keys… only to realise you’ve misplaced them. Two hours later and still no keys. You probably want to hire the first locksmith you can right?

Or let's say you run a large corporation and you’re looking to install a large scale commercial master key system. You have so much you need to do so it’s pretty tempting to choose the first locksmith that appears on Google and let them handle everything.

One thing you shouldn’t leave to chance is the locksmith you choose. We’ve all heard the horror stories about locksmiths making a spare copy of every key they cut. I don’t know about you, but the thought of a stranger being able to access my home or business any time kinda sorta really creeps me out a lot.

A more common occurrence is a locksmith cutting corners. If a locksmith isn’t careful when breaking into your locks they can cause permanent damage. Imagine not being able to use the front door of your car again just because a locksmith wanted to cut corners!

Security should never be taken lightly

You wouldn’t leave your car without locking the door right? You wouldn’t leave your business without triple checking everything is locked up right? You know locking up is important already. But are you aware about just how important a sound lock system is?

Because of this, there is one thing you absolutely need to check before hiring locksmiths.

The one thing you always need to check is…


Any old locksmith can bring up testimony upon testimony. But how do you know these testimonies are legitimate without tracking down Jane Doe and asking her what she really thinks of her locksmith?

Your mobile locksmith needs to prove they can walk-the-walk in front of people who know  what they’re talking about. These people are usually an accreditation board such as the New Zealand Locksmith Association.

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